Tammy Buckner

CTO & Founder

Tammy Buckner, CSM is the Chief Technology Officer of Techquity Digital, LLC. A minority woman-owned technology solutions company consulting with business owners and entrepreneurs to analyze daily business process, manage process change and implement technology strategy solutions; helping businesses attain a complete digital footprint. We create online platforms for their business ideas, implementing income-generating systems that work for business growth using marketing strategies, web development, branding, SMART technology automation and more.

Techquity Digital, LLC mission is to encourage, empower and inspire youth and underserved adults to becoming engineering, arts and technology innovators; using project-based lessons. Our vision is to develop a diverse entrepreneurial ecosystem, to bring diversity inclusion to innovation and technology, redefining the future racial and gender composites of STEAM industries. Through our initiatives, our youth program, ExtremeCode offers pop-up youth coding boot camps, and hackathons. Our adult programs offer full stack computer programming training and an entrepreneurship pipeline to support early and late stage entrepreneurs. Techquity Space is the non-profit sector, offers a collaborative co-live/co-work space to house the programs and community tech events.

Ms. Buckner has recently formed a partnership with a complexed technology platform to provide services as a micro virtual call center. As a service partner we have partnered with many well-known Fortune 500 companies across the United States and the world as customer, sales and tech support. Our mission is to help as many people as possible take control of their careers.

Dedicating her life to inspiring a new generation of leaders through her conversational talks on Entrepreneurship and Tech Innovation, Tammy Buckner has over 25 years of combined technology experience. After leaving college early, as a self-taught full-stack developer, coder and IT Business Strategist, Tammy went on to a successful career spearheading business strategy plans and digital collateral for companies like Kellogg’s, Microsoft, Honeywell, J G Wentworth, Conoco-Phillips and others.

Being apart of local women programming organizations, Tammy works at bridging the diversity divide in technology; connecting with educators, business owners, schools and community centers to provide conferences, community tech events and workshops.