President & Founding CEO of Taisna Group, Inc.

Meru Nombeko-Aisha Kheop, a former home educator and mother of 4 who serves as a Board Member of the Kansas City Public Schools Catalyst Fund, is a native of New York City and recent graduate student at Harvard University in Anthropology with a research focus in African and African-American Studies. Meru brings her passion for social science research and cultural exploration to the V Form Alliance mission to create virtual reality excursions In culture. Prior to her study of cultural groups, Meru received a legal education at Suffolk University Law School where she became a 2008 Rappaport Fellow of Law and Public Policy at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government. Meru received a Masters in Public Policy from the Bloch School at the University of Missouri Kansas City, and served as a U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Fellow in Community and Economic Development while in graduate school.

Prior to the valuable experience gained working on behalf of the citizens of Kansas City, Missouri as a HUD Fellow, Meru received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science with a minor in Ancient Classical Studies from the University of Missouri Kansas City as well.

An accomplished theatre actor who founded the Potrero Hill Theatre Company in San Francisco and worked on the stages of The Long Wharf Theatre in New Haven, Connecticut; the Portland Stage Company in Portland, Maine; Los Angeles Theatre Company; American Conservatory Theatre in San Francisco; and the 14th Street Playhouse in New York City to name a few; Meru was also a member of the Lorraine Hansberry Theatre in San Francisco and Berkeley Repertory Theatre. In 1998, Meru began her unique merging of education for children and the arts when she was creator, producer and host of a children’s educational program aired on New York City’s Manhattan Neighborhood Network Channel 36. Meru blends her love for the youth, community engagement, the arts, and academia into accomplishing the Taisna mission.

Prior to home educating three of her children, Meru was actively involved as a parent and community stakeholder in the New York City Board of Education Districts 2 (Midtown) and 5 (Harlem) where she served on the CSD2 Superintendent Selection Committee and as Parent Representative to the Mayor’s Parent Committee; and on the CSD5 Principal Selection Committee as well as the Editor of a Parent Organization Newsletter.

In Kansas City, Meru served in the School District’s Charter School Community (2001 – 2003), where she served as a PTO VP and co-founded the Kansas City Charter Schools Sports Association.  Meru served the youth of Northern and Southern California as a teacher of acting and dance in a summer youth program in Marin City (1987) and at a private school in Los Angeles (1989). It is from these professional experiences combined with her travels in the public school system, first as a young student in New York City, and later as an active parent and community member, that Meru realized the necessity of using the art of cultural exploration as a gateway to learning science, math, and any subject imaginable.