Lynessa “Lyn E” Cook is a native of the Kansas City metro.  Her professional career has spanned the industries of education, business, health, and art. As a new media producer and director she works to communicate provocative ideas using various media within the digital sphere. Her work has varied from web and app design and development, to brand management and digital marketing for companies, and now, to directing and filmmaking and Instructional Design for a global marketing firm. Lyn most enjoys projects that resonate with her aspiration to build capacity with others. She has a strong desire to build individuals, organizations, and communities. She is the founder of Youth Powered, the organizational sponsor of Business Allied Scholars, a service that matches local businesses’ needs with Kansas City students’ skills.

Lyn is a lover of great sushi and seeker of good conversation. At any given time she could break out in a dance as a display of random awesomeness. 🙂