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Tammy Buckner

Tammy Buckner

As an entrepreneur advocate, Tammy has a huge passion for helping entrepreneurs and business owners implement strategies using effective technology for business growth.  The Founder and CTO of Techquity Digital educate and develop technical skills with activities that encourage career paths in STE(A)M. More about Tammy Buckner

Lynessa Cook

Lynessa Cook

Lynessa “Lyn E” Cook is a native of the Kansas City metro. Her professional career has spanned the industries of education, business, health, and art. As a new media producer and director she works to communicate provocative ideas using various media within the digital sphere.  More about Lynessa Cook

Meru Nombeko-Aisha

Meru Nombeko-Aisha Kheop

Former homeschooling mother of 4 and recent graduate student in the field of anthropology and archaeology at Harvard University.  Meru is the Founder of Taisna Traveling School, a Not-For-Profit organization, a Subsidiary of The Taisna Group, Inc.  More about Meru Kheop 

Ina Montgomery

Ina P. Montgomery, M.Ed

Chief Technology Officer and Edupreneur of Urban TEC (Technology Empowered Communities).  The company is a digital literacy and 21st century skills training company.  Ms. Montgomery offers a range of training and programs to close the digital divide within urban schools and communities.  More about Ina P. Montgomery

Catina Taylor

Catina K. Taylor

Founder & Lead Griot of DREAMS KC, a new school model slated to pilot Spring 2017, Catina K. Taylor, began her teaching career in July 2000 after receiving her law degree. Instead of entering the legal profession, she responded to the call to fill the teacher shortage that was occurring in the Kansas City Public Schools.  More about Catina K. Taylor