V Form Alliance Interviews Students at Wyandotte High School

The Mission of the V Form Alliance

V Form Alliance is a collaboration of 5 Black woman-owed businesses who have taken on this project to create a positive impact for various communities using technology, education, and collaboration within various industries

The Vision

The vision of V Form Alliance is to create, embrace, extend the opportunity for Black Women to work together and shake up the world.  

The Project

Virtual Realities in Culture: Explorations of the African Diaspora Project is a virtual reality (VR) storytelling experience that will allow elementary and middle school students to realize a historical, multi-sensory experience through the use of virtual reality technology built by high school students.

Wyandotte High School Partners with V Form Alliance

The senior students at Wyandotte High School have partnered with Business Allied Scholars and have taken on V Form Alliance as a client organization. The students will visit 3 historic locations and turn them into 360 VR experiences, creating a virtual visit inside the captured footage.

During the course of the project, the students will work with professionals creating a final product appropriate for the target audience.